Open a gelato shop:

Your ideal partner for opening a successful artisanal gelato shop

Opening a gelato shop is a stimulating and interesting adventure that requires multiple skills, from marketing to administration, organization and staff management, and you can’t take any of it for granted.

If product quality is critical (and we believe it is), knowing how to be innovative, pragmatic and experimenters will make a difference in the market.

Why choose us:

  • We have more than 60 years of experience in the gelato business, a valuable source of innovative energy
  • Quality is the only field that is always worth investing in, and that’s what we do
  • Your success is our first objective, it’s why we do our job
  • We are always at your disposal. We guarantee assistance on every front, before, during and after opening

The basic steps:

  • Finding the shop
  • Business plan + food cost
  • Production area design
  • Shop design: from furnishings to the image
  • Choice of products for your gelato
  • Training and assistance before and after opening
  • Management/administration consulting
  • Guaranteed technical assistance, forever

Contact us immediately to open a Gelato Shop

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