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Counters and display cases for Ice-cream shops and Pastries

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Display case or Dipping cabinet? What is the best lighting? How to best integrate it with the rest of the furnishings?
The way you present your product is a key part of your consumer experience.
 We design customized solutions for your gelato or pastry shop, using technology and design.

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Design and Innovation

Technology at the service of taste

A gelato showcase is both an element of interior design and a fundamental tool for preserving and enhancing your product. For this reason relying on industry professionals is a key choice for the future of your shop.

Pictured: Orion KT24 Display Case

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Jobs by Orion

Jobs is the first display case in the world without a base: all the display case’s functions are condensed into a few inches. Jobs allows for maximum expression of a shop, all superfluous elements being eliminated: base, motors and skirtings. Only the soul remains, the product itself being displayed.

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SAM 80

The professional gelato display case with front glass at 90 degrees, only one metre deep. Available the Ice-cream shops, Pastry and Gastronomy version

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Dipping cabinets

Better preservation, freshness and hygiene.

Glycol-based ventilated gelato dipping counters, ideal for storing gelato and slush, linear and corner modules that can be combined topping and filling containers. Energy savings thanks to 70 mm insulation and direct contact with the glycol coil. Stainless steel top with water-resistant wood support and polyurethane foam in the part covering the tub, electric coil to dry any condensation.

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